Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The proposal

Who doesn't love reading a proposal story, so here's mine: 
I knew Ariel bought my wedding ring, I just didn't know when he would pop the question... I seriously thought he wouldn't ask until months later so I wasn't excepting anything soon. 

We went to church like a normal Sunday and after church we went to Ariel's parents house to get some of his things before we went to my parents house for dinner. Before we left, Ariel said he had to grab something so go ahead to the car....I didn't think anything of it so I just waited like he asked. After dinner at my parents we wanted to go up Butterfield Canyon because that August night there was a meteor shower happening and I wanted to watch it. We drove up the winding road in Ariel's Xterra to the tip top of the canyon where we'd get the best view. We opened the trunk of his Xterra and wrapped ourselves in blankets while looking over the copper mine and mountains. There was a fire on the other side of the mountains and it made the sky and sun rusty red and it looked beautiful! (I shouldn't be saying a forest fire was pretty oh well) We just over looked the sunset while talking about the future and where we see ourselves in a year. I soaked up every bit of this beautiful night with Ariel by my side, it was perfect! As the sun was at the lowest point in the sky, Ariel pulled out a little box and asked if I'd marry him after he asked why I loved him. My jaw literally dropped open, I was completely shocked! I had no idea he was going to ask me to marry him now, I believed he was going to ask me at least at the end of the year! I totally spaced the question he asked me as I opened the box to see what was inside. At this point the sun was set so it was dark, so when I opened the box it looked empty because I couldn't see squat. I looked up at him confused and about to call him a jerk because the box was empty and there was no ring inside and I thought this was a joke.... until I put my hand inside and felt something! I just started to laugh because he was really asking me to marry him! I started to cry while I was laughing, because I was so happy. I was a complete shocked hot mess. I finally spat out a yes, after I remembered what he asked him, in between my laughs and cries. I put the ring on my finger and turned on my phone flashlight to see the ring.... IT WAS THE ONE I WANTED!!!! I could not keep my eyes off of it, it was perfect and stunning and simple just like I wanted. I kissed Ariel, probably a really wet kiss because the tears all over my face. We just sat there talking about marriage and what it'll bring us, I was still in shock that this happened.... I AM ENGAGED. After the hiccups from laughing/crying wore off we got out of the trunk to stand wrapped in a blanket to watch the meteor shower. 

I loved every moment of this night, I loved the intimacy of it being just us while he proposed to me. I loved how it wasn't a clich√© proposal with him on one knee, he did it in his own way and I loved that. 


  1. Your ring is stunning! I love it! I love different jewelry, too. Where it's not like everyone elses, ya know? Your story reminds me of mine! I thought Trev was kidding when he got down on one knee so I was like, "You're so stupid." ha. He opened the ring box and it was the real thing. SAD huh?! haha. So funny though! I can't wait to see your ring in person. I'm a jewelry FREAK!

  2. Your ring is green?! I love it. I love when women have different rings. Beautiful! Congrats!

  3. your ring is soooo unique and lovely! :) such a cute story!

  4. I agree with everyone else, your ring is so unique and absolutely stunning! And your engagement story is so romantic... Ariel is definitely a keeper!


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