Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The start of November 2nd

The start of November 2nd felt like any other day... besides the fact it was my wedding day! It didn't hit me that I was getting married until I was in the braidal room waiting for my father to come get me. As I was walking down the stairs with my dad, I started to get teary eyed and just was filled with so much love. As the song (Baleen Morning - Balmorhea) I wanted to play while I walked down the aisle started so did the tears. If anything was amiss or things didn't turn out like I wanted them to, it didn't matter because at that moment it was just Ariel and I. I was a laughing/crying/smiley mess but I am in love so it didn't matter. Our kiss was a little awkward, to be honest, but it was still a great kiss. ;) 

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  1. i love that. that teary moment you have when you are marrying the one you love. it's the most incredible moment of the entire wedding day and sometimes I wish i could just go back to that one single moment. :)


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